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ISO 27000 / ISO27000

This is the generic name for a whole series of intended information security related standards. These will be published at different times over the next few years, but will be thematically linked to the core topic.

Many of these standards will be based on existing texts, the majority of these stemming from original publications by the British Standards Institute (the BS7799 Series).

Thus far, six different standards have been pencilled in, namely: ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27003, ISO 27004, ISO 27005 and ISO 27006. Only the first of these, ISO 27001, has actually been published. This is desribed via the selection in the left hand panel.

ISO 27000 News
As more of the standard are published, we will strive to update this site with information. This will ultimately include a section for white papers and external resources. Interested parties are invited to contribute through the contact page. In the meantime, other information may be available from more regularly updated sites such as International Organization for Standardization and ISO 27000 and ISO 27001 Standards


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